Experience Sasria’s Journey of Purpose

Explore our virtual museum and become immersed in Sasria’s history.

How it works

  1. Click on the button to enter the virtual museum.
  2. Follow the short tutorial that will appear on your screen, explaining how to navigate.
  3. Once comfortable with moving around, make your way into the lobby area of the museum and explore the various exhibits and floors.

How to navigate the virtual space


+What do I do in the museum?
Explore the virtual world, just as you would in a physical museum.
+How do I move around?
On your tablet or phone, swipe on the top half of your screen to turn, and to move, swipe on the bottom left corner of your screen. On your computer, click and drag across your screen to turn, Press W to move forward and press S to move backwards.
+I can’t connect to the Virtual Museum page
For best results, use the Chrome browser. Alternatively, try restarting your browser or refreshing the page.
+Why is my sound not working?
To speak, press the microphone icon at the top of the screen. If you cannot hear audio from videos when you’re standing close to them, or other people speaking to you, try refreshing the page or using a different browser such as Chrome.
+How do I change my name or avatar?
Upon entering the space, you’ll be asked to pick an avatar and set your name. If you want to change it after that, there is a hamburger menu at the top of the screen that you can click on to change them.
+I’m stuck on a loading page.
Each floor in the virtual world may take a few minutes to load - please be patient. If nothing happens after a few minutes, try refreshing the webpage.
+How do I exit the museum?
You can simply close the tab on your computer. If on your phone or tablet, you can close the page, the same way you close an app.
+When using my laptop, is it best with a mouse or just my track-pad?
We advise that you rather use your mouse, when accessing the Virtual Museum on your computer.

Experience Sasria’s Journey of Purpose

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